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Sunday, August 06, 2006

And What Do You Do With Your Spare Time?

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Sometimes I truly wonder what we've gotten into! The idea of a website of our own has been one of those "someday" ideas and like any other novice, I had no idea what it would take to get it up and running. I still work full time - simply because I like to eat regular meals and sleep indoors - and my husband has his own business as a contractor, now that he's officially retired from corporate life. We've been operating on e-Bay for the past few years with a store-front selling used and new books. It's been a gradual thing, and growing quite nicely too. But when looking at it objectively, we spend every spare hour working on this "home" business of ours, in one way or another. I think I've got "buttritous" from sitting in front of a computer all day at work, and then doing that for several hours each evening at home.Earlier this year we began to seriously work toward a separate website just for our book business. It seemed to take forever and I was impatient. I mean, how hard could this be, for heaven's sake? Uh, huh. Well, we now have an established website that our consultant has put together for us. It is wonderful...It is just great.... Ohhhhhh, Gawd - there's so much work to do just to put in inventory....and learning that I can't rely on someone else to pick up the pieces with general information about anything. The great news is that KD Web Page Design, our consultant, is absolutely wonderful to work with and we cannot ask for a better resource.Even though it is in the bare bones of inventory, we invite you to check the new website. We will continue to stock our e-Bay book shelves and are always happy to "see" you.Sigh, the bad news is that we have a s----load of work to do. It is literally like starting over -- and did I mention that with the reviewing of our inventory for the e-Bay store we're also chasing books back and forth all the time -- ah, yes, who needs spare time? Come see us on e-Bay! KC's Kozy Korner

Speaking about spare time, has anyone seen a weekend yet? I seem to remember that we used to have weekends. Hmm, maybe that will happen "someday."


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